NZXT C1200 1200W

Gold PSU in Bahrain

82 BHD
NZXT C1200 1200W Gold PSU in Bahrain, delivering reliable power for peak performance. Limited stock available. Order now for high-end computing

Tired of constant power supply issues and low efficiency? Your current PSU can't handle heavy loads and overheats, causing performance glitches.

Running high-end components demands a reliable power source. Overheating and power instability could lead to system crashes, damaging valuable hardware. Your productivity and gaming experiences are suffering due to inadequate power delivery.
Upgrade to the NZXT C1200 1200W Gold PSU in Bahrain! This high-quality power supply boasts a robust 1200W output with multiple connectors to support demanding systems. Its active PF correction ensures stable power delivery, reducing voltage fluctuations and enhancing the performance of power-hungry components. The 80 Plus Gold rating guarantees excellent energy efficiency, reducing power wastage and electricity bills.

The NZXT C1200's advanced cooling system, featuring a 135mm fluid dynamic bearing fan, efficiently dissipates heat, maintaining optimal temperatures for extended periods. Enjoy reduced noise levels during intense tasks, allowing you to focus without distractions. With a 10-year warranty, rest assured that your investment is protected for the long run, providing peace of mind and confidence in your PC's performance.

NZXT C1200 1200W

Gold PSU Features
Explore the impressive key features of our product that offer top-notch performance, efficiency, and reliability for your computing needs.
  • 1200W Output: Provides ample power for high-performance systems.
  • Active PF Correction: Ensures stable power delivery and efficiency.
  • 80 Plus Gold Rating: Offers excellent energy efficiency, reducing power wastage.
  • Advanced Cooling: 135mm fluid dynamic bearing fan for efficient heat dissipation.
  • Multiple Connectors: Supports various components for versatile builds.
  • Compact Dimensions: Measures 150 x 150 x 86mm for easy integration.
  • 10-Year Warranty: Long-term protection and peace of mind.
  • Compliance Standards: Meets ATX12V v3.0 and EPS12V v2.92 requirements.
Enjoy a worry-free experience with a 10-year warranty, ability to provide superior cooling.

Seeking better cooling performance and reduced noise levels in your PC? Existing fans are inefficient, leading to heat buildup and distracting noise during intense tasks.

Heat-related performance drops and noisy fans disrupt your gaming or work sessions. Standard fans struggle to maintain optimal temperatures, hindering your PC's potential. You want a solution that enhances cooling efficiency without compromising on noise levels.
Embrace the NZXT C1200 1200W Gold PSU in Bahrain! Its powerful 135mm fluid dynamic bearing fan is designed to maximize airflow, effectively dissipating heat from critical components. This results in improved thermal management, allowing your PC to handle resource-intensive tasks with ease.

The fluid dynamic bearing technology ensures smooth and quiet fan operation, minimizing distracting noises while keeping your system cool. This enhanced cooling performance enables longer, uninterrupted gaming sessions and enhances productivity during intensive workloads.

Moreover, the PSU's dimensions and construction, including steel, PCB, and plastic materials, ensure durability and reliability. NZXT's commitment to quality is evident through certifications such as cTUV-SUDus, CUL, TUV, CB, CCC, CE, and more.

NZXT C1200 1200W

Gold PSU Gallery
Get a visual treat with our product gallery, showcasing the sleek design and exceptional build quality of our product from different angles.

NZXT C1200 1200W

Gold PSU Specs
Dive into the detailed specifications of our product, including power output, connectors, cooling system, and more, to make an informed decision for your setup.
24-pin ATX power:1 PF Correction:Active @0.96
4+4-pin CPU power:1 MTBF:100,000 hours
8-pin CPU Cable :1

Temperature:0 - 50 °C (derating from 100% to 80% from 40 °C to 50 °C)

6+2-pin PCIe power :2  
16-pin (12+4) 12VHPWR PCIe Cable:1 ENERGY EFFICIENCY
SATA power :8 Rating:80 Plus Gold
Peripherals :4 20% loading:87.5% @115Vac
  50% loading:90.5% @115Vac

100% loading:87.5% @115Vac

24-pin ATX power:600 mm, Nylon sleeving  
4+4-pin CPU power:700 mm, Nylon sleeving FAN SPECS
8-Pin CPU Power Cable:700mm, Nylon sleeving

Dimensions:135 x 135 x 25 mm

6+2-pin PCIe power:650 + 150 mm, Nylon sleeving Speed:0-2300 ± 10% RPM
16-Pin (12+4) 12VHPWR PCIe Cable:650mm, Nylon sleeving Airflow:93.02 CFM (Tpy.)
SATA power:500 + 150 mm Noise:44.5 dBA max
Peripherals:500 + 150 mm

Bearing:Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB)

100 - 240Vac:14A-7A 50Hz-60Hz

Dimensions:150 x 150 x 86mm


Material(s):Steel, PCB and Plastic


Compliance Standard:ATX12V v3.0 / EPS12V v2.92

+3.3V and +5V:22A (120W)

Regulation & Certification:cTUV-SUDus / CUL (UL60950/62368-1) / TUV / (EN60950/62368-1) / CB/ (IEC 950/62368-1) / CCC / CEC /BSMI / RCM / EAC / CE / LVD / UKCA

+12V:100A (1200W) Warranty:10 years
-12V:0.3A (3.6W) Model Number:PA-2G1BB
5Vsb:3A (15W)  

Buy NZXT C1200 1200W

Gold PSU in Bahrain

Don't miss out on this opportunity! Grab our product now and enjoy seamless performance and top-notch efficiency for all your computing needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions about NZXT C1200 1200W Gold PSU.
What is the maximum power output of the NZXT C1200 PSU?
The NZXT C1200 provides a maximum output of 1200W, making it ideal for high-end systems.
Does the PSU feature active power factor correction (PF Correction)?
Yes, the NZXT C1200 comes with active PF Correction, ensuring stable power delivery and efficiency.
What is the energy efficiency rating of the NZXT C1200?
The NZXT C1200 has an 80 Plus Gold rating, ensuring excellent energy efficiency and reduced power wastage.
How does the PSU handle cooling and noise levels?
The NZXT C1200 features a 135mm fluid dynamic bearing fan that efficiently dissipates heat, maintaining optimal temperatures with reduced noise levels.
What connectors are available on the NZXT C1200 PSU?
The PSU includes connectors such as 24-pin ATX power, 4+4-pin CPU power, 8-pin CPU cable, 6+2-pin PCIe power, SATA power, and peripherals, offering support for various components.
How much is the best price of the NZXT C1200 1200W Gold PSU in Bahrain?
EMI Starts from 6.833 BHD/m 12 Months or 82 BHD.

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