DXRacer Master Series Chair in Bahrain

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129.5 BHD
Launching the best and most high-quality DXRacer Master Series chair in the Bahrain.Experience authentic gaming with the DXRacer Master Series Gaming & Office Chair.

DXRacer Master Series Chair in Bahrain is here to make your gaming experience more enjoyable and comfy.

One thing you might also want to know is what the true comfort zone of a gaming experience is. But you have to experience the miracle that is going to reach you through the DXRacer Master Series Chair in Bahrain.
DXRacer Master Series Chair, which is the best in the industry, is now here to give a gamer an understanding of what true seating comfort is. This gaming and office chair is presented with all the latest features, giving high priority to your health and your seating comfort. Featuring integrated lumbar support and a replaceable seat cushion, this chair is sure to be your favorite.

DXRacer Master Series Chair Features

Born to revolutionize the gaming era, it brings you the stunning features.
Adopting excellent features such as integrated lumbar support, a removable head pillow, and a replaceable seat cushion, it is able to stand as the first in the gaming chair family even today.
    Surpasses industry standards for an extra touch of luxury and extended comfort.
    Allows for customization and the possession of a pillow that matches your style.
    Designed to provide exceptional spinal support across your entire back.
    They provide forearm support and a resting position, as well as ease of maintenance.
  • 90-135° TILT MECHANISM
    It makes sure you enjoy a top-notch experience away from discomfort.
    This is highly resistant to external forces and supports up to 120 kg.
    Allows maximum airflow to keep you cool and comfortable while sitting.
If you're still looking for true sitting comfort, you've got it all here!

Is back pain a challenge in gaming? Set aside problems. Own your comfort zone. The DXRacer Master Series Chair in Bahrain is here for you.

If you are a PC enthusiast who spends hours in front of a PC, then this is for you. This gaming chair gives you great relief from constant poor sitting comfort and unbearable back pain.
A gaming chair offers its true sitting comfort to a user based on the quality of its materials. So it is certain that the DXRacer Master Series chair in Bahrain is going to give you a wonderful comfort zone. Here, bad experiences like mid-back pain and low sitting comfort are avoided, making you fully satisfied in your seat.

DXRacer Master Series Chair Gallery

Infused with a sleek design factor, gives you the luxury look you deserve, it brings out the gamer in you.
Available in black, brown, and maroon, this best gaming and office chair of 2024 provides you with sitting comfort and safety that you can't find anywhere else. Also, their soft cushion feature helps you sit comfortably in front of the system for long periods of time.

DXRacer Master Series Chair Specs

Super smart in appearance, rich in specification, it's all here for you.
The cutting-edge module design of this DXRacer Master Series chair in Bahrain enables you to easily swap out the seat cushion and padded backrest. Its luxurious microfiber upholstery offers outstanding comfort and an elegant style that fits perfectly at home or in the office.
Recommended Size Up to 275 lbs | Up to 6'3"
Chair Cover Material Microfiber Leather
Armrests 4D (R1-62-N0-CSide; R1-62-N0-DSide)
Base 27.5" Wide Aluminum Base (SP/0405/N)
Casters 3" Caster/PU (SP/0704/N)
Mechanism Type Multi-functional Tilt (SP/0207/N)
Gas Lift Specification 80/40; 75mm (G1-01-N0-80(40)mm)
Gas Lift Class 4
Adjustable Back Angle 135°
Adjustable Lumbar Cushion Yes
Adjustable Headrest Yes
Warranty Length 2-year for Accessories, Lifetime for Frame
Package Size 34.25"L x 27.17"W x 16.34"H
Gross Weight 75.40 lb / 34.2kg
Net Weight (Approximate) 68.12 lb / 30.9kg
Eco-conscious Less Harsh Chemicals/REACH Certificate
Meets/Exceeds ANSI/BIFMA Standards Yes

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Get the DXRacer Master Series Chair in Bahrain & Own the Authentic Gaming Experience You Deserve.

You don't need to wait any more to get that real gaming experience. Everything you need is here. Then don't wait any longer and get the DXRacer Master Series Chair at a reasonable price in Bahrain.

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Each and every one of your doubts is valuable, Here are some answers to your queries.
How long will the DXRacer Master Series Chair last?
If you put just the right amount of weight on it according to the actual instructions, it will last until you drop them.
How is the DXRacer Master Series Chair different from other gaming chairs?
Adjustable back angle for your sitting comfort, the adjustable lumbar cushion for comfortable sitting comfort, and the adjustable headrest, which can be changed in any direction, make this chair stand out from other chairs.
What material is used to build the DXRacer Master Series Chair?
DXRacer Master Series Chair is made up of a 27.5" wide aluminium base and microfiber leather.
Does the company provide any warranty with the purchase of the DXRacer Master Series Chair?
Yes, now the company provides you with a 2-year warranty for accessories and a lifetime warranty for the frame.
How much is the best price of the DXRacer Master Series Chair in Bahrain
EMI Starts from 10.792 BHD/m 12 Months or 129.5 BHD.

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