Corsair SF850L 850W

SFX Power Supply in Bahrain

87.5 BHD
Corsair SF850L 850W SFX Power Supply in Bahrain: 850 Watts output, Eighty PLUS Gold efficiency, modular design, and 140mm fan.

Frustrated with power supply units that take up too much space in your Bahrain-based system? Tired of managing cable clutter and compromising on performance?

Large and bulky power supply units can be challenging to fit into compact systems, limiting the available space for other components. Cable clutter can obstruct airflow, leading to higher temperatures and potential performance bottlenecks.
Introducing the Corsair SF850L 850W SFX Power Supply in Bahrain — a compact and powerful solution for your space-saving needs. With its SFX form factor, this power supply fits perfectly in small form factor cases, optimizing the space for efficient component layout.

Featuring fully modular cabling, the Corsair SF850L allows for easy cable management, reducing clutter and improving airflow for better cooling and overall system performance. With a robust power output of 850 Watts, the SF850L ensures sufficient power delivery for high-performance components, enabling smooth multitasking and seamless gaming experiences.

Corsair SF850L 850W

SFX Power Supply Features
Explore the impressive key features of the Corsair SF850L 850W SFX Power Supply, offering space-saving design, modular cabling, and high-power performance for optimized system efficiency.
  • SFX form factor for space-saving compatibility.
  • Fully modular cabling for easy cable management.
  • Powerful 850W continuous power output.
  • Eighty PLUS Gold efficiency certification for energy-saving benefits.
  • 140mm fan for efficient heat dissipation and reduced noise.
  • Robust +12V rail with 70.8A output.
  • Supports +3.3V and +5V with 20A output each.
  • Equipped with +5VSB for standby power with 3A output.
Get the Corsair SF850L PSU. Experience Eighty PLUS Gold certification and quiet operation.

Worried about inefficient power consumption and high energy bills in Bahrain? Struggling with power supply units that generate excessive heat and noise during operation?

Inefficient power supply units can waste energy, contributing to higher electricity bills and environmental concerns. Excessive heat generation from power supplies can lead to increased noise levels and adversely affect the lifespan of your system's components.
Look no further than the Corsair SF850L 850W SFX Power Supply in Bahrain — an energy-efficient and quiet solution for your power needs. With its Eighty PLUS Gold efficiency certification, the SF850L minimizes energy wastage, promoting eco-friendly computing and reducing electricity costs.

Equipped with a 140mm fan, the SF850L ensures efficient heat dissipation while maintaining low noise levels, providing a quieter computing experience. With a powerful power output of 850 Watts, this power supply caters to your system's demanding requirements, enabling smooth and reliable performance.

Corsair SF850L 850W

SFX Power Supply Gallery
Experience the sleek design and compact form factor of the Corsair SF850L 850W SFX Power Supply through our captivating gallery showcasing its modular components and efficient cooling features.

Corsair SF850L 850W

SFX Power Supply Specs
Discover the detailed technical specifications of the Corsair SF850L 850W SFX Power Supply, covering power output, efficiency certification, modular connectors, and advanced cooling solutions for reliable performance.
PART NO. CP-9020245/75-004888
AC INPUT 100–240V
+3.3V 20A


+5V 20A
+12V 70.8A 850W
+5VSB 3A 15W

Buy Corsair SF850L 850W

SFX Power Supply in Bahrain

Upgrade your power supply to the Corsair SF850L. Enjoy space-saving design, efficient cooling, and modular flexibility. Elevate your system's performance today!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Corsair SF850L 850W SFX Power Supply.
What is the form factor of the Corsair SF850L Power Supply?
The Corsair SF850L features an SFX form factor, ideal for compact and small form factor cases.
Is the Corsair SF850L power supply fully modular?
Yes, the power supply comes with fully modular cabling, enabling easy cable management and reducing clutter.
What is the efficiency certification of the SF850L power supply?
The Corsair SF850L is certified with Eighty PLUS Gold efficiency, offering energy-saving benefits and lower electricity consumption.
How does the 140mm fan benefit the power supply?
The 140mm fan ensures efficient heat dissipation, keeping the power supply and the system cool, while also operating with reduced noise levels.
What is the continuous power output of the Corsair SF850L?
The Corsair SF850L power supply provides a continuous power output of 850 Watts, suitable for high-performance systems and demanding components.
How much is the best price of the Corsair SF850L 850W SFX Power Supply in Bahrain?
EMI Starts from 7.292 BHD/m 12 Months or 87.5 BHD.

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